on unexpected joys

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Awaking on a silver cloud,
I peek out to see the sky wished
To extend my stay.

My white blanket must’ve
Rolled out the door, Hollywood-style
Into the wolf-howling night

When the moon
Wouldn’t behave, and winked down
Icy trinkets

To adorn my doorstep.
Abundant gifts lay dormant, while
Banshee winds

Who haven’t finished
Drying their eyes flirt with me
through the picture window.

Demands of life
Slip into a whisper
Shared between friends.

Telling me nothing,
Except to follow
Whatever whimsy I choose

As a snow hare
Racing the fox carries heartbeats
Back to her burrow.

Written by

Holes and a series of rabbits — my debut poetry collection — now available! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089RRRGXX/

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