a poem in response to this Chalkboard prompt by C. Duhnne

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My home

Ridges of ancient valleys,
Faithful stone warriors,
Serenading only those
Who pause in daisies to listen

Heights whisper lyrics in swaying grasses,
Telling tales of teasing vines,
Morning glories that must go higher,
Peaks call to me as wolves, howling
To siren apparitions only they know

Roots that must explore, deeper —
While Earth scatters to ground me,
Picking up my voice before I learned to hear,
Carrying my echo
Towards an intrinsic intention

Be here now,
A trek that was buried, deep
In the honeycomb lattice of these bones

Trails layered within,
Labyrinths lit in fireflies of unknown paths
Long before I fathomed their blue
Skies they knew this was it

A sense of timeless belonging,
Not to a people, far stronger than that

A connection to this
To this now…
Where wonderment thrives
In altitude, covered in blues,
Completely at ease

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