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Speak to me beneath dirt’s broken waves,
Come to me at the end of ruthless days,
I can reveal to you oh-so-many ways,
How you saw nothing until you sought my grave

Lust trailed behind your quickened pace;
Curiosity looming all over your face

I’ve been dead a thousand times,
Came back to life to sketch your lines,
To scatter seeds that divvy up mankind,
While you watched me drink up all your wine

Don’t get to have what’s never yours,
Don’t act like you deserve more,
If it’s me you seek, there’s plenty in store

I’ll chase your demons off the divide,
Score the depths of chasms lost inside,
Bust those locks off of all you hide,
Drag you back by the hair, to where you lied

Make a bed over bones of past,
We take it hard, we take it fast,
These teeth and claws were made to last

Over moans and cries forever held back;
Give rise to new lives, enclasped

You thought you were lost until found,
Knowing my bed kept you underground,
Knowing how deep I’d keep you bound

Power of the struggle, was false all along…
Humming fiendishly all night long, since my bones
Wrote the song

Written by

Holes and a series of rabbits — my debut poetry collection — now available!

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