For me, acceptance and understanding go hand in hand, and allow healing to occur. Although there are times when we don’t understand why a relationship has to end, and it’s important to allow for that as well. We all prefer to have some sort of resolution, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work for one person, and we never get that fulfillment of knowing the “why?”

The reason I use the word “acceptance” is that, for me, it’s how I can let go and find peace within again. Sort of like: I accept that it didn’t work. Whether for you, or for me, it simply didn’t work. It’s ok. I respect that, I respect you, and I respect what we’ve shared together.

(Or I’m just blathering on again and not making a whole lot of sense.)
Thanks, Erik. Happy weekend to you.

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Holes and a series of rabbits — my debut poetry collection — now available!

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