This year started off
as inconsistent and wishy-washy
as the last, with demands
that look like shaggy descendants
of the old ones

Wearing fuzzier clothing,
I suspect as some odd teddy bear
camouflage, and all I can do
is give them a squeeze, instead of
a proper wash-down.

I don’t believe in odds,
but I probably ought to,
so I decided it was a fab idea
to start entering every contest
that comes my way, no matter the rules
and hazy conditions.

Because who doesn’t
enjoy winning?

This way, if I end up
on a beach in Tahiti, at least
I may also have
a matching Red Kitchen-aid
blender to go with my bikini
for publicity shots.

Although I may not
remember any of it
if they end up picking me
for the test study
of that new med…

But when I’m drinking
some concoction
on a sandy beach
that looks like
fruit decoupage

How important
are the details, really?

Written by

Holes and a series of rabbits — my debut poetry collection — now available!

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