Your fingers turn me over
as though assessing my divinity.

Collecting my essence
into a flying carpet, you carry me
through sunrise wisps and sunset drafts,
as though the skies are only alive
while we ride their currents.

My heady afterglow
is committed to having you.
Propelling you, compelling you
to take us there.

Your copper embrace
grips me in a fierce completeness
I’ve only felt in dreams, right before waking.

It is this sybaritic gathering
of caresses, this tingling of voices
inflecting our choices that build us up.

I become liquid amber,
a jewel fused in your gaze.

Breaking down my complexities,
you meld such lush clarity
with each determined touch
that lingers, boldly.

We need you to.
My body molds perfectly
into your desired shape, flexing
and bending as nature intended.

You tend to me as faithfully
as the most devout believer.

I reward your intensity
with my sweetest profusion,
waiting for you

To catch me as I fall…

Let me yield, give you the me
that is yours, sustaining us both.

Drink in my crystalline
as I enclose you within my walls,
complete our circle, time and again
I will bloom for you, and you
will come back for me.

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