This is an excellent solution, and will help pave the road. I would think that most seasoned writers would be right on board with this.

In my previous life as someone trying to make a living as a designer, a lot of the problems fell back to these same issues. Giving away hard work for free is beneficial to no one. It doesn’t build a following, or trust in your work. It merely keeps those Price Buyers happy, which only perpetuates the shitty expectations of great work for free.

Some designers saw that and went off to start their own companies. They created a different model which allowed designers both to retain their rights (which most industry standards were to sell off), and put the biggest profits in their pockets, where they should be.

I hope to see this happen in the printing/writing industry, and with ideas like this, it will. It has to, or no one will have any longevity as a writer.

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