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Rollercoaster — photo, courtesy of Unsplash

We want to know all the odds,
Our thirst for chances sometimes
Overrides our enjoyment of the ride,
Of we sit only at the bottom of the slide

If you watch a rollercoaster struggle with a hill,
You’ll still never know the thrill
Of possibly meeting your maker on a wrong turn,
You’ll only continue to wonder, to yearn

A curved possibility, winding loops
Meant to make you question
With a morbidly curious expression,
Why you agreed to ride deadly swoops

Or, to make you forget your mind,
Why the hell it took you all this time
To give in to potential disaster —
To remember that sweet urge to go faster

Whatever you’ve been waiting for
Has always tasted this sugary good,
You’ve been too bundled in nerves to try
Even what you knew you should

The reasons for grinding meat from bones,
To concoct a soup of questionable flavor,
A varietal medley of seasonal vegetables
Boiled submission placed here, upon your table

No guarantees they haven’t been blighted by fate,
Or that a drought won’t come the next,
Most of the largest tsunamis we create
Never make land, but all pass the test

Even if you carefully tend the same dish
Every day for a hundred long years,
Results will yield only in what this day,
This time, this effort has to offer in tears

Shed, which brings us to here, to now…
To where you climb, or you stay down

We don’t have all day…
The hill awaits your decision,
Are you going to get on, or what?
Risk always come before winning

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