Yes! Set those sparks off!

I’m not seasoned enough for my thoughts to carry any real weight here, but I’ll thrown in my hat anyways, because I still have this one small voice.

I find myself torn. While I do enjoy metered, and formed poetry, I also love free forms. Personally, I believe there is an essence there that few can capture in a tightly knit form. (Ironically enough, this is my current self challenge.) Although, as anything else, there are great examples of where poets do, though I largely feel this is rare and exceptional.

I think the important thing to remember here is simply staying true to your own voice, your own message. We all have one. Trying to emulate another doesn’t count. It’s our duty to dig deep.

If you bare your soul, pay attention, agonize over your words…whether for hours, or sometimes for days, you’ll have an impact.

That’s the whole point. The fact that formed poetry is easier to memorize makes zero difference (to me) on the effect it will have on me. Having said that, I often feel lost and in a ‘non-inclusive’ part of a poetic club when I read what I’ll call more “extreme” free form poetry.

It should have a point. A theme. An intention that is not completely beyond normal human comprehension. Other than that, I say with careful thought, intention, and not simply spewing vomit and send — it’s all fair game.

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Holes and a series of rabbits — my debut poetry collection — now available!

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